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Angel♡ Dream Interpretation
Angel♡ Dream Interpretation
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Angel♡ Dream Interpretation

Have you ever questioned why we dream?  Wondered what your dreams really mean? Do you want to tap into the power of your dreams and unravel YOUR messages? Or want to better understand your child’s dream-time and the unexplained place they sometimes go to at night?

Dreams are gateways to the Soul’s journey in waking life. The messages you receive from your higher self will assist in your healing, help solve problems and make choices.

What are Dreams?

Dreams form in a mysterious World bound by neither time nor space.  It’s a World where the impossible becomes possible and the ridiculous seems sensible.  It’s a place of no boundaries or limitations… anything goes.

You can do, see, feel, say and think whatever you want. All in a language that appears strangely familiar yet remains captivatingly foreign.

As with any unknown territory, we must be able to understand and speak the language to chart the course and arrive at the preferred destination; to experience the culture and gain knowledge of your path along the way.

Since the beginning of time, dreams and their meaning have both intrigued and bewildered us. Where do we go when we lay our heads down to sleep? Do our dreams take us to places that only exist in our subconscious? Are we visiting a parallel realm where a small part of our soul resides? A fantasy land where our soul plays out desired outcomes for our current reality? As you will soon discover, ALL of these scenarios are possible.

Just as the Dragonfly inhabits two realms – water and air, we Earthly beings also inhibit two Worlds – awake time and dream-time.  Like the spirit of the Dragonfly, dreams allow you to soar to different Worlds so you may gain a new prospective or recognize your need to make a change. When you are neglecting your emotions or ignoring your passion, your dream guide will escort you through magical mystifying dreams making you pay attention to your reality.

What to Expect with a Dream Interpretation

Andrea will empower you with the language and the knowledge of your Dream World so you may navigate the unknown territory and unravel the mystery of your dream messages. Andrea helps you gain understanding of YOUR dream World while discovering how to interpret the images, develop the skills to translate the mysterious language, and tap into the power of YOUR dream messages.

What to Expect in a Consultation

Together we will discuss your dream-time, how to prepare for dream time, types of dreams, dream recall and how to dream journal to better understand your messages.  We will discuss how to recognize the universal dream symbols in your dreams and break them down to help you interpret the dreams for yourself.

Your dream messages are unique to you and only YOU are able to decipher the true meaning and how the message will assist you in your waking life. Andrea will empower you to clearly understand your dream messages.

Children’s Dream-time

Children’s wondrous imagination can make dream-time a happy place filled with magic and fantasy. However, that magic and fantasy can be a scary place that their young minds do not fully understand. When children are unable to process situations in their conscious waking mind, the sub-conscious dream-time brings symbols and messages to assist them.

Together, with you and your child, Andrea will delve into the mystery of their dream-time.  Assisting you both to understand your child’s dreams and discover tools and techniques to support them in dream-time.

As a parent, you will discover how to comfort your child and make dream-time a safe place to have fun and learn and grow.   You will also have a better understanding of how to talk about their dreams and help interpret them through journalling.

Andrea M Noye is an Essential Oil Therapist® (EOT), Dream Specialist and Angel Card Reader, Crystal Light Healing®, and Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher with Angel Heart Crystals. Andrea’s passion is to bring a deeper understanding of aromatherapy, herbal & plant medicine, and the metaphysical & spiritual World to the hearts♡ of others.

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Available Appointment Times:
Tuesday  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Thursday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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