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Angel Heart Crystals is a mystical eShoppe that began by listening and observing the signs, symbols and messages from the Angels and acceptance of their divine guidance and support. I am divinely guided to share with you my collection of knowledge and angelic treasures I have discovered along my journey. Offering unique crystal treasures of tumbled and rough stones as well as the essential gridding crystals and grid boards with our Sacred Grid Collection.

To compliment your healing practice, we have collections of Organic Essential Oils, Organic Carrier Oils, Organic Herbs and other ingredients, including bottles, and jars in the Apothecary.  And in our Dream Collection you will find Herbal Foot Creams, Room Sprays, Eye Pillows and Comfort Pillows to help you drift off to a peaceful nights sleep...

I am blessed to be on this exciting journey of discovery. I pledge to continue co-creating with you and share my love of Heaven and Earth through the Angels and Crystals with the crystalline gifts of crystals and angelic wisdom given to us by Mother Earth. My wish is that your mind be open and your heart pure to the divine understanding of universal knowledge and beauty that surrounds us.

As we grow and learn together, we are co-creating the ascension with love and harmony of Mother Earth and our Heavenly Angels. Together, we will spread the LOVE with grace.

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Andrea M Noye is an Registered Aromatherapist® (RA) and Essential Oil Therapist® (EOT), Dream Specialist and Angel Card Reader, Crystal Light Healing®, and Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher with Angel Heart Crystals. Andrea’s passion is to bring a deeper understanding of aromatherapy, herbal & plant medicine, and the metaphysical & spiritual World to the hearts♡ of others.