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Rose Quartz Merkaba
Rose Quartz Merkaba
Rose Quartz Merkaba
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SKU: CR1144

Rose Quartz Merkaba

Rose Quartz Merkaba, carved stone

The Rose Quartz Merkaba helps us to fully activate our light body and raise our vibrational frequencies while remaining anchored to the Crystalline matrix of Earth. The crystalline energies of the rose quartz assists your sacred field of light or merkaba to dissolve emotional wounds, resentment and fear with unconditional Love.

The Merkaba is an ancient symbol that represents 'One with All' or 'As above, so below'. 

'Mer' means Light, 'Ka' means Spirit and 'Ba' means Body.  Therefore, it is a Spirit - Body surrounded by rotating fields of Light creating a vehicle to transform Spirit - Body from one dimension to another.

Use your Rose Quartz Merkaba to encircle your light body with loving energy while connecting with spirit through healing and/or transformation. It is a useful tool during meditation or aetheric healing. Keep one in your pocket or wear on your body to remain inspired in the love of beauty of Self and Others.

Each piece is uniquely carved and hand-picked just for you or someone you love. 


Origin: Brazil 


Approx. ½" to 1" - size, colour and weight may vary

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